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Vuka is an invite-only investment club. “VUKA” which means “Cross Over” in Swahili, is a novel product that gives investors like you the opportunity to invest in Acorn’s Student Accommodation Income Real Estate Investment Trust (ASA I-REIT) and own a piece of Acorn’s brands; Qwetu and Qejani.
Our brand has already become the first choice amongst students needing quality accommodation and wishing to be a part one of the largest student communities in Africa. As the economy grows and the demand for student accommodation continues to expand, you can expect a consistent rental yield growth.
This makes our assets an ideal long term and stable investment for anyone looking for sustained income dividends and capital appreciation, for many years to come.

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accommodates over 240,000 university and college students with a student housing supply that meets only 10% of this student accommodation need. Qwetu Student Residences, our flagship brand, is currently the first choice for every college-going student studying in Nairobi, where students come to live, study and connect.


We are solving
the problem

We aspire to continuously meet the needs of thousands of students by providing high quality, safe, secure and affordable student accommodation. With 3,000 beds already operational across five of our Qwetu properties and a pipeline of over 10,000 beds over the next five years. We plan to launch our second brand Qejani in 2022, expanding our value offering.


We would love to
take you with us

We believe
that every Kenyan should have easy access to credible opportunities to invest. Vuka opens this opportunity to retail investors like you to benefit from our real estate portfolio which is focused on rental-generating student housing. Members joining Vuka get to truly benefit from real estate without the risks and hustles of a direct real estate investment.

Made by Kenyans, For Kenyans
The Acorn Family deeply understands and appreciates what investors put into consideration when looking for an ideal investment. Investors don’t only look for return, there are more elements that guide the modern investor’s decisions.
Vuka is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), with a platform that allows for full visibility of every investor’s transactions.
Investors can easily buy units in the medium to long-term as well as withdraw their investment. This can be done in desired small or large quantities, without having to sell off the entire investment. The units are traded through the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Unquoted Securities Platform (USP)
Stable Returns
Enjoy an attractive return profile that enables capital to compound in the shape of dividends and capital appreciation value per unit based on growth of rent over time.
Discover  Security, Flexibility and Independence
We have limited memberships available and a limited number of units to be purchased within VUKA. You can choose from any one of these plans and unlock your capability to invest. Remember, as a member, you can always upgrade your account to unlock more investment opportunities.
* Applicable only during trading.

*To invest more than 2 million per annum, please contact us at 0800730333 or for assistance.

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