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We believe that investing in credible income generating assets is the key to building  long-term wealth. Vuka gives you the opportunity to invest  in Acorn’s Student Accommodation Income Real Estate Investment Trust (ASA I-REIT) and own a piece of Acorn’s brands; Qwetu and Qejani Regulated by the Capital Markets Authority, our investment opportunity offers returns in the form of dividends and capital appreciation yearly, helping to grow  your wealth over time. Call us on our toll free line at 0800730333 to know more.

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Vuka, a unique Value Proposition.



Vuka is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) and is backed by tangible and de-risked assets.

Regular returns

Regular Returns

Double benefit every year; capital appreciation and dividends paid out twice a year.

quality of assets

Quality of Assets

Qwetu is a market leader in student accommodation that enjoys high Occupancy rates with a pool of assets in constant growth.



A team of dedicated financial advisors to help you improve your investment habits while growing your wealth transparently



Safe, innovative and user-friendly digital platform that allows members to transact and monitor their investments.



Invest conveniently and have control over your investment.

Why Vuka

Quality Real Estate Investing made Profitable,
Safe and Convenient


There exists
a large demand

accommodates over 240,000 university and college students with a student housing supply that meets only 10% of this student accommodation need. Qwetu Student Residences, our flagship brand, is currently the first choice for every college-going student studying in Nairobi, where students come to live, study and connect.


We are solving
the problem

We aspire to continuously meet the needs of thousands of students by providing high quality, safe, secure and affordable student accommodation. With 3,000 beds already operational across five of our Qwetu properties and a pipeline of over 10,000 beds over the next five years. We launched our second brand Qejani in 2022, expanding our value offering.


We would love to
take you with us

We believe
that every Kenyan should have easy access to credible opportunities to invest. Vuka opens this opportunity to retail investors like you to benefit from our real estate portfolio which is focused on rental-generating student housing. Members joining Vuka get to truly benefit from real estate without the risks and hustles of a direct real estate investment.

Where Savvy Investors Build Wealth
Kenya’s first Digital Investment Club enabling savvy investors to invest in credible real estate assets and generate wealth.
Tailored Categories for Your Investment Capability
Maximizing the potential of Vuka requires a steadfast commitment to consistent and regular investments, aligning with the principles of any serious investment. Invest flexibly and securely with our accessible platform. Choose your category and start your investment journey anytime, anywhere. Get started now!
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*3% charge applicable when Trading only

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*Enjoy zero transaction fees when buying Units

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Disclaimer: The information on this brochure does not constitue investment advice. we recommend you seek professional advice before investing in financial products. The price and value of the Vuka Units may fluctuate based on the NAV. Vuka Unitholders have limited rights to redemption.